Wordpress Theme Development

  • Can’t find a theme that meets all your needs?
  • Want to sell a premium theme to customers?
  • Need a theme which has the options your require but no unwanted extras?

Then we can help you. We build custom WordPress Themes for businesses, individuals and agencies. We’ll develop a theme to your exact requirements, whether you wish to use it for your own website or sell it to customers.

WordPress has a massive number of themes available. But, finding the right theme that ticks all of your boxes is often impossible. That is where having a custom theme can be so useful.

Benefits of a Custom Theme:

  • Your website will have all of the functionality that you need and none that you don’t. This removes bloat from your website creating a faster and more robust website.
  • You can select the exact design and user experience for your theme.
  • No need for dozens of plugins to create the options you require. These can be built directly into the theme.

When it comes to custom theme development the only real limits are your imagination and budget. If you have an idea for a custom theme and want to get a better understanding of what is involved, reach out to us using the contact form below.

Custom Theme Development Steps

The process of developing a custom theme will vary slightly depending on how much information you can provide about what you are looking for. But in general the steps for a developing a custom theme are as follows:

Step #1: Providing a brief

First you will need to provide us with a brief of what you want to achieve with your custom theme. This should include an overview of the purpose of the theme and the functionality you require. A good brief will include the deadline for the project and your budget. In some cases you may already have mockups or wireframes. If these are already in place, then we can move past the design phase and into development.

Step #2: Creating a scope

To ensure we are both clear on what you want from the WordPress theme, we will create a project scope. This will include an overview of the project, as well as a detailed list of the functionality that will be included. Once we have put together the scope, we will send this to you to review.

Step #3: Designing the theme

Based on your requirements we will work you to create wireframes for the theme. The wireframes provide a blueprint for what the final theme will look like. Often wireframes will be sufficient to move forward to the development stage. In some cases we will want to create full design mockups. A design mockups will provide the structure of information, demonstrate the functionality and give a visual representation of the content. Once you have agreed on the design for the theme we move into development.

Step #4: Developing the theme

The designs will be then turned over to our developers. They will replicate the look you have established during the design phase and create the functionality you require. During the development process you will have a dedicated project manager. They will be able to liaise between you and the developer, and keep you up to date on the progress of the project.

Step #5: Providing feedback

Once we have developed the theme we will place it on a staging website so that you can review. We will schedule time for a call where we walk you through how the theme functions and all of the options available. You will then be provided with the opportunity to provide feedback on the theme. We will then make amends (if any) based on your suggestions. If you decide that there is additional functionality that you would like added to your theme, which falls outside of the scope for the project, we can put together a plan for implementing these additional changes.

Step #6: Delivery of the theme

Once any amendments have been made, we will provide the final theme for you to review. When you are happy with the theme we will deliver all of the necessary files and the project is complete. If you need further training in how to use the theme, you can request this, and we will schedule time for one of WordPress experts to explain how to use your theme and get the most out of it.

Request a free quote

If you are ready to discuss having your own bespoke WordPress theme designed, reach out to us using the contact form below. We can provide a free no-obligation quote for creating your WordPress theme and answer any questions you might have.